Aasina Baral


Aasina Baral is Miss Nepal 2017 Contestant No. 8.

Aasina Baral – Miss Nepal 2017 Contestant 8

Brief intro:

“As a social worker, I strongly believe in serving the community and spreading happiness with my efforts. I know that little deeds go a long way in bringing happiness in the lives of people. I have the confidence to achieve my goals and touch the lives of the people around me. And make my country proud as its next Miss Nepal.”

Issues that matter to Baral:

“Even in this day and age, issues like chhaupadi pratha still plague many rural communities. And people are not open to addressing the situation of mental illness as well. This has brought great distress in the lives of many, and I wish to raise awareness about these issues.”

Aasina Baral Miss Nepal Profile Video

Aasina Baral Profile

AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5′ 5″