Miss Nepal 2012 Contestant 07: Heena Shrestha

Heena Shrestha

Age: 19 years

Height: 5’ 4”

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Qualification: Ist Year DMLT

Aim: To be a perfect and popular woman

Hobbies: Singing, travelling and dancing

Describe yourself in three words
I’m strong, frank and a hard worker

One woman you idolise
My mother because she is so hard working, patient, loving, caring and strict too

What is talent? One talent that will help you win the crown
Talent is an interest because if we have interest, we work hard to achieve and we can do that with confidence.
My talent is to talk about things I have knowlege about

Miss Nepal has often been associated with beauty and brains along with a purpose. What purpose would you serve using your beauty with brains?
There are certain problems in our society like bad politics in everything, deforestation, environmental pollution, human trafficking. So I would like to use my brains to solve these problems

If you win the crown, what would you do to bring about a change in the world?
I will attempt to change the negative thoughts in this world

If you were given a chance to endorse a product, what would that be and why?
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