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In past few days, Miss UK Nepal media partners have been receiving several messages, calls and comments regarding what they call to be unfair voting system. This blog post is entirely to clarify that there’s no error at all with the voting systems and everything’s been entirely fair.

Let me include an email that I received from one of the peer bloggers to give a clear view of what happened.

I have been contacted by this sister of Rosi Oli who Has shown dissatisfaction in the voting of Miss Nepal UK. She is saying

whether or not Rosi wins or not but it has to be fair. Rosi’s FB recommendation page stopped for almost 2 days which cause her to miss out lot.

I am also supporting Rosi not because of her talent or anything, just because she is different and the only non Mangolian girl. I wish other girls best of luck too. Parika is also a sister i know personally.

They are seriously looking for a valid answers otherwise they are not going to let go. So as a blogger myself and been following your blogs for sometime now I am just letting you know Please make it fair for Rosi and the extended family and relatives of her who support her. After all MissUKNepal needs voters and support of public too. Let them know that miss UK Nepal shouldnt be unfair as they think.

Other calls, messages and comments were also totally related to Contestant Rosy Oli.

Now let me explain how the voting system on Miss UK Nepal website works.

  1. The voting uses simple Facebook social plugin called – Like Button.
  2. The layout style to display the total recommendations is Box_count which displays in a box like style.
  3. Under box_count, if the recommendations go above thousands, it will start showing in a format like 1k, 1.1k, 1.2k, 1.3k,….
  4. Crossing thousand likes doesn’t mean that you are stuck at 1k, you could still be able to recommend and the counter will update only after figures change – like it will keep showing 1k unless you get 1,100 recommendations (1.1k).
  5. To satisfy those people who said the recommendations are stuck to 1k, I have changed the layout style to standard which displays exact number of recommendations.
  6. You could still see the box_count used below every contestant’s profile which displays 1k,1.1k,1.2k and so on.

Now I will tell you why exactly we received such calls, messages and everything;

First, those who messaged and called us didn’t have the technical knowledge behind how the facebook plugin worked. Well, we too don’t expect that you have that knowledge but just because you don’t know about it, you clearly don’t have any rights to call it unfair once we explain you properly how it works.

Second – Well it may not be good idea to involve participants and talk about them specifically, but then as we had the names come out already; I will mention them again here; Rosi Oli was clear leader in votes some days ago and now when other contestants like Durga Gurung followed her with very little difference, those supporting Rosy Oli started messaging us about the validity of the contest.

To all those supporting Rosi Oli, I just have one request – Please play it fair. Just because someone starts winning her with votes doesn’t mean that our systems are erroneous. At the time of writing this post, Rosi Oli is still leading with lot of votes. She is definitely a strong contestant and I wish all the best to her!

Please do visit our Voting FAQ’s page or contact us directly if you have more queries.


  1. I hope people know what “k” stands for, in this context. Well explained. Lets have a fair and strong competetion. Let the winner be the one who deserves it. Peace

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