Miss Nepal 2012 Contestant 04: Nagma Shrestha

 Nagma Shrestha
Age: 20

Height: 5’10”

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Qualification: BBA IIIrd Semester

Aim: To live life with passion and be an entrepreneur

Hobbies: Collecting articles, painting and swimming

Describe yourself in three words
Self-determined, independent and a proud Nepali daughter

One woman you idolise
Oprah Winfrey because of her ‘never give up’ attitude

What is talent? One talent that will help you win the crown
Talent is something that comes from within you if you try to nurture it.
I have the ‘will’ to win the crown and I believe it is the most important factor

Miss Nepal has often been associated with beauty and brains along with a purpose. What purpose would you serve using your beauty with brains?
I aspire to prove myself worthy of wearing the Miss Nepal crown and present to the world a picture of Nepal that reflects unity in diversity that our motherland encompasses

If you win the crown, what would you do to bring about a change in the world?
As an individual I can influence people’s mind after I win the crown, so I would use this power to understand the need of the world and try to bring about a change, after all we are the ‘changemakers’

If you were given a chance to endorse a product, what would that be and why?
I would endorse my country Nepal, not as a product but as a duty towards my motherland


  1. I respect what you are doing for society and nation.I believe that
    respect has to be earned through your actions, so if you’re a good person doing the
    right things for society and your friends and family appreciate your
    work. You have done good job.Keep it up!!
    Take care
    [email protected]

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