Miss Nepal 2012 Contestant 09: Neelam Chand


Age: 24

Height: 5’ 5”

Zodiac sign: Aires

Qualification: Bachelors

Aim: Environmentalist

Hobbies: Travelling, music, writing poems and dancing

Describe yourself in three words
Fun loving, optimistic and vegetarian

One woman you idolise
Though clichéd, I idolise my mum because she is the one who has shown me the example of dealing with difficult situations with patience, confidence and a big smile

Miss Nepal has often been associated with beauty and brains along with a purpose. What purpose would you serve using your beauty with brains?
It is true that Miss Nepal is ‘Beauty with Brains’. Beauty is that gift which grabs attention. I would use my beauty to focus attention towards the cause I am working for. With my brains I would serve the welfare of my people, my community and my country

If you win the crown, what would you do to bring about a change in the world?
I would work for the cause of peace because in the current context of the world, the global citizens are in need of peace

If you were given a chance to endorse a product, what would that be and why?
I would endorse any product related to health because ultimately ‘health is wealth’


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