renu pokhrel

Age: 20 years
Height: 5’8”
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Describe yourself
I am a friendly girl and I love helping poor people. And I know lot about life because I have faced lots of problems. I once was poor class before making it to middle class. That’s why I love serving poor people and helping them for I understand their feelings well. And of course I love everybody.

Favourite Miss Universe or Miss World
Aishwarya Rai is beautiful and talented. She has done a lot to make her country known to the world. Hence, she is my favourite Miss World.

Personality that you resemble most in terms of character
I am humble which is why I think I bear a resemblance to Miss Nepal 2012 Shristi Shrestha as she is very humble too. I want to do something for my country like her. Regardless of being a Miss Nepal, Shrestha has no arrogance and attitude. And she is outstanding, beautiful and disciplined along with being helpful.

If I win the crown …
At first, I would like to do social work by helping the poor and disabled. I want to help people who struggle a lot to fulfil the needs of their family. Also, I want to take part in different social works regarding environment; I wish to visit different places creating awareness about environmental issues. As there are many women suffering from issues like rape, harassment, I would like to work to control such problems and support the victims as well.