Rojina Shrestha


Rojina Shrestha is Miss Nepal 2017 Contestant No. 6.

Rojina Shrestha – Miss Nepal 2017 Contestant 6

Brief intro:

“I believe, to learn and grow, you must always dream big and be motivated to make your goals come true. People say I’m always full of energy, full of hopes and big dreams. I enjoy dancing as much as I enjoy meaningful conversations–basically anything that adds joy to life.”

Issues that matter to Shrestha:

“The political instability in our country has stunted the country’s infrastructural development for a long time. The current status of the city’s roads is a perfect example, which is adversely affecting our daily lives.”

Rojina Shrestha Miss Nepal Profile Video

Rojina Shrestha Profile

AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 5′ 6″