Shreeya Poudyal – Miss Nepal 2015 Contestant 18

Shreeya Poudyal is Miss Nepal 2015 Contestant No. 18.

Shreeya Poudyal Profile Video

Shreeya Poudyal Profile

  • AGE: 22
  • HEIGHT: 5 5″
  • FROM: Kathmandu

Shreeya is a girl who follows her heart but hopes to have control over her mind. Cheese, desserts and dancing areĀ things that she cant avoid. In the hopes of finding out more about herself, she began her Miss Nepal journey this year. Winner of Miss Teen Nepal 2009, she believes Miss Nepal is about having beauty and brains.

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She is the winner of Miss Teen Nepal 2009 and stood first in interschool dance competition s. She feels Miss Nepal is about having “Beauty with Intelligence”. She felt shy earlier but has been able to change accordingly to time and circumstances. Her hobbies are singing, dancing and loves to swim. Shreeya hopes to be a successful entrepreneur and be a role model.