sumi lama

Age: 24 years
Height: 5’6”
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Describe yourself
Enthusiastic, learner, sensitive, passionate, dedicated, hard-working, respectful, humble, down-to-earth, loving and content — that’s me. But most importantly, I try to be a better person each day.

Favourite Miss Universe or Miss World

It would be unfair to just to pick one since most of them have done exceptionally well for themselves. Their grace, humility, dedication, discipline, beauty, intelligence and even more beautiful heart are what make them real Miss World and Miss Universe. Sushmita Sen has it all.

Personality that you resemble in terms of character
There are many faces and voices that inspire us and we can learn a lot from them. However, respect, humility, willingness to learn, passion to serve and challenging the challenges are what make a person stand out. I have been inspired by many.

If I win the crown…
I believe society needs passionate people in whatever field they forge into. When we have passionate people wanting to change things, respect and compassion will be given to many who need support and peace shall follow. There is no better feeling than working with people and empowering them. You get more than you have, you learn and gather experiences which is profound.


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