Tina Purja is Miss UK Nepal 2012 Contestant No. 3

Tina Purja – Miss UK Nepal 2012 Contestant  3

Tina Purja Profile

  • Name: Tina Purja
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5ft 3inch
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Qualification: I did my GCSEs in English, Maths, Science, Food and Nutrition, IT and Art and Design. I qualified Level 2 at Hair and Beauty and AS Art and Design. I’m currently studying AS and A Levels in Health and Social care, Double Performing Arts, Extended Project and wishing to do AS in science next year.

Tina Purja Images

Tina Purja Interview

Hobbies and Interests: My hobbies and interests are dancing, singing, sketching, acting, cooking, photography, travelling and exploring new things and places. I also like modelling and enjoy doing some physical activities like badminton, swimming and basketball.

Describe yourself in a line (only ten words):

Sincere and helpful individual capable of socialising and communicating cheerfully.

Why should you deserve the crown?

I believe that I should deserve the crown because like everyone, I have big dreams to accomplish too but accomplishing those dreams is not as easily done than said. By winning this crown, it will help me create the stairs to climb up to my dreams and making it reality. This pageant itself is a dream that I have long waited to fulfil and I will give the best of myself to be worthy of this crown.

If you win the crown, what will be your contribution towards Nepal or Nepali Community in the UK?

It is important in today’s society for us youths to contribute towards our society, be it by voluntarily involving to helping our community or by raising funds for those in need for which we cannot reach directly. I’m aiming to go back to our country over the holidays and help people in need of care and support, especially the orphans because the thought of those helpless children growing up without the shadow of their parents is just heart breaking and painful. As a human being, we should care for each other and share love towards each other. For Nepali community in the United Kingdom, I’m hoping to create charity events which could be helpful to our community and for our country and ensuring to reach out for all age groups and not only youths and children. At the end of this pageant, if unfortunately I do not win the crown, I will still carry out charity work s because I know that there are many people who are in need of help and I with the help of you want to make a difference.


    • Thi:-)s title is suite 4ru
      &my best wishes R always with U sis
      . be a brave gril & feel free lyk a fly bird cherss=) t.c Tina sis

      • u shuld deserv d crown………n why not u r hot, u got @ll dat which @ miss nepal uk has to hv…………i lop u miss tina…………m proud dat u r a [email protected] nepali idol…………..u r a beauty queen………..i mean nepali people shuld b proud wat u hav achieved…………u r a truly talented miss queen………….go like dat………..¥

  1. We all wish U the best of luck in this event of ” Miss Nepal UK ” & looking forward to hear soon for becoming 1st Miss Nepal UK .

  2. Best of luck Tina. Don’t be nervious and do hard work. I’ll be with you every where and at every moment.

  3. Tina, Fingers Cross. God bless you to full fill your dream. All the best & Good luck. My blessing is with you always……

  4. तिम्रो रहर ईच्छा चाहाना अनि मनोकामना सबै पुरा होस!तिमी मिस यूके नेपाल बन्नेछौ भन्ने पुर्ण बिश्वास छ। best of luck tina sis..

  5. weldone chori.. your doing very well.. we are proud of you. our blessing is alwes with you.
    no matter what our blessing and support will alwes be with you in yur each steps like a shadow.

  6. god bless you. proud of you . keep it up and we all wish you best of luck. “happy are those who dream dreams and ready to pay any price to come them true” keep walking tall baby keep it up………..

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