Muna Shrestha is Miss UK Nepal 2012 Contestant No. 8

Muna Shrestha – Miss UK Nepal 2012 Contestant  8

Muna Shrestha Profile

  • Name: Muna Shrestha
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5’3 inch
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Qualification: GCSE, Currently studying Art and Design in Walton Girl’s High School Sixth Form

Muna Shrestha Images

Muna Shrestha Interview

Hobbies and Interests: Sketching, Painting, Drawing, Singing, Dancing, Making Dresses, enjoy playing Basketball and enjoy playing Volleyball

Describe yourself in a line (only ten words): Creative, inspiring, thoughtful, , friendly, kind, responsible, team-worker, mature, independent.

Why should you deserve the crown?

“I will Use my crown to make a difference” and that’s the future of our country is dependent upon the leadership qualities of today’s generation and I want to be that person. I am not just going to say I only deserve the crown, everyone are capable for crown. Being crowned/winner of Miss Uk Nepal 2012 itself will be proud moment for every contestant. I believe it will make my family proud and I will try to make my country proud too with my good and positive attributes.

If you win the crown, what will be your contribution towards Nepal or Nepali Community in the UK?

I will firstly would do a party of the happiness after I won in future I will go to Nepal and do various charity work but mainly I like to focus on the area in Nepal whose parents are forcing their children to get married in age of 10 to 18. I would like to raise a awareness in Nepal saying it’s not good to get married in age of 10 to 18 because their children might not know what’s the meaning of marriage and their parents and the social people are ruining their life by taking off their future they and we all have to think of brightening their future not making it dark so I would love to do this work now but I have to finished my study first so I am doing this work after an year so, to raise a awareness in Nepal I need your support!



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