Shristee Bhattarai – Miss Nepal 2015 Contestant 3

Shristee Bhattarai is Miss Nepal 2015 Contestant No. 3.

Shristee Bhattarai Profile Video

Shristee Bhattarai Profile

  • AGE: 21
  • EDUCATION: Bachelors
  • HEIGHT: 5 4″
  • FROM: Kathmandu

An adventurous person by nature, Shristee has a knack for getting an adrenaline rush. Apart from that, she loves dancing and listening to music. She plays basketball and likes watching football and cricket. Shristee aims to travel the world one fine day.

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She considers herself to be very adventurous person. Hence loves to travel to new destination and explore new things. She loves hiking, dancing and listening to music. She is a basketball player and likes to watch football and cricket. Shristee’s future plans is travel and visit every corner of the world.