Durga Gurung is Miss UK Nepal 2012 Contestant No. 1

Durga Gurung – Miss UK Nepal 2012 Contestant  1

Durga Gurung Profile

  • Name: Durga Gurung
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5″5′
  • Zodiac sign: Libra
  • Qualification: BBA(hons) commencing in 2nd year

Durga Gurung Images

Durga Gurung Interview

Hobbies and Interests: Singing is my passion, Travelling to various places, Playing Basketball, Badminton and Swimming

Describe yourself in a line (only ten words): Optimistic and friendly person and a hard worker.

Why should you deserve the crown?

I am an individual who is very hard-working so, therefore I believe, I have the calibre and the potential to handle the responsibilities of being a Miss UK Nepal with great care and also to sustain the priceless value that comes along with the crown.

If you win the crown, what will be your contribution towards Nepal or Nepali Community in the UK?

The main reason I am in this competition is to expose myself to my Nepali community so that I can take my humanitarian feeling to next level and actually do something for the welfare of my people and country. My major attention will be on assisting underprivileged people and preserving wildlife of our country.


  1. All the best Durga ! Give your best and the crown is surely yours ! Make us all proud ! Goodluck

  2. If i would be judge of miss uk, I prefer to vote you Miss Durga Gurung due to your personality, height, face, best dialogue and by your future aim.
    Best of luck daughter of Parbat jilla.


    Uncle Narayan Gurung BEM

  3. Dear chhori Durga all the best from KMY (Kebchhe, Mhobchhe and Yobchhe)Tamu bhai khalak UK good luck.

  4. Hi Sis wish you all the best.
    I am sure you will win the contest, just think of how to celebrate your victory

  5. Be real n be you! Confidence can take you to the nxt level! Imitating the old skool beauty queen will be the biggest mistake anyone can make! Dont be too conscious abt making mistakes n pls practice more on speech delivery !!good luckxxcc

  6. All the best Durga. I like your expression towards the underprivileged. we all are with you !

  7. I am very thankful to all of you for taking out precious time and voting for me. Your love and support will make me much more stronger. I will try my best to make you all proud by winning the competition. Feri ek choti, hajur sabai jana lai mero hridaya dekhi dherai dhanyabad bekta garna chahanchu. God bless you all. Much love Durga gurung (your contestant no 1)

  8. Dear Durga Chori,
    so glad to hear that you are competing on this and looking at your profile and every thing, i am confident that you will win the competition. I wish you all the best and good luck

  9. bueaty is bones for leady but you got some more extra talent, good luck from sirubari

  10. Hello Dearest chhori Durga, Congratulation for your winning miss uk Nepal title. We can,t explain how happy we are. Your dreams came true.
    I was there and was sure you will win. I gave congratution to your Dad and came back to wembley late night.
    Now keep on your study to be a bright star daughter and wish you all the best successful in future. You have shown an example and fullfill your parents aim.
    I was so impressed by all contestant who had given so perfect answer. Also i feel very proud to see all competators talented as a Nepalese girl.
    We as audience would like to congratulation Miss Shanti Chhori, Mrs Nanada Gurung Chief advisor, coordinator team and judges for this excellent event.

    Uncle Narayan prasad Gurung BEM

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